using agile methods to land IT projects smoothly

von Comerge AG (Hrsg.)
Buch (Hardcover), 107 Seiten, buch & netz, 2014

This book describes the agile software development process of Comerge AG from Zürich, Switzerland. Founded 2008 as a startup with four employees, the team consists now of over twenty members. Embracing an agile approach from the beginning, the Comergers have developed a lightweight yet efficient project management toolkit which lead to the successful release of more than 280 projects for over twenty clients. Covering the SCRUM approach, the Co-Pilot helps you focus on efficient and elementary project management techniques. It serves as a guideline to keeping the customer in the loop and particularly focuses on the often underestimated „Testing“ part of the agile software delivery process.

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Titel Co-Pilot
Untertitel using agile methods to land IT projects smoothly
Produktart Buch
Einband Hardcover
Sortiment Neu
Verlag buch & netz
ISBN 978-3-03805-035-3
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Anzahl Seiten 107